2. Little study to remember an alley from my walk home last night. For a series of paintings I’m working on.

  4. Snowpiercer is finally in theaters and it is an incredible experience. I highly recommend you go and see it. In related news, I recently found out that my illustration of the movie’s protagonist was honored with a full page in this year’s Communication Arts, which is on news stands now. Thanks again to my followers for your continued support!

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  5. Snowy nosed boar. A study for something I’m working on.

  7. Desk view.

  9. Spending more time enjoying the process with my personal work. You can see that stuff on my instagram if you are interested. As always I’ll post the finals right here. Thanks for looking.

  10. Ruins

  12. This was an idea for a cover for the book Roadside Picnic. It’s a failed attempt but there are still some things I like about it. Just feel like I need to get it off my back.

  13. Hello everyone. I was really sick the last week with some virus, got me pretty down. Here are a few drawings from my sketchbook. Thanks for looking!

  14. A place for a comic I’m working on.